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Hi all, after your answers, I was curious to see what the pedigree of my plant, which I assume to be Paphiopedilum 'White Lady', might look like.

So I did some research on the web to discover its ancestry and created some procedures in VBA with Excel to obtain easily a visual representation of the family tree.

Botanical species are written in green, hybrids in black and unknown relatives in red. For a given plant, the top parent is the "seed parent", the bottom one the "pollen parent".

I must say that I was quite surprised to see the number of crosses necessary to arrive at White Lady. 😮

Since I couldn't upload an Excel file to the site, I changed its extension to ".txt". If you want to look at the result, once you have downloaded it on your computer, just change its extension again, replacing ".txt" with ".xlsx" to open it with Excel. I draw your attention that Excel files which have the extension ".xlsx" cannot execute macros (the extension ".xlsm" is necessary for this), so you have no risk of viruses.

Just for your information, 'White Lady' is in the cell A500.

Hope you enjoy.


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