When to refrigerate cyp babies

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Eric Muehlbauer

Ron- I was originally going to do this as a pm, but I think this would benefit many of us. As of now, all of my C. reginae babies (the 6 that grew) are dormant...I see new buds, so I know they aren't dead. The other cyp, also with 6 survivors, is starting to go dormant. Should I put the reginaes in the fridge now? Or should I let them adjust to the gradually cooling temps outdoors- we are finally in the 70's during the day, and 60's at night...should reach the 50's later this week. Once in the fridge...I know 4 months is the minimum....what is the maximum? How wet should they be when they go in? Thanks, Eric
Generally, a sharp change in temperature can mean disaster for any bulb, corm, seed, etc...so I'd say gradually decrease the temperature. But, that's coming from me, who's never winterized Cypripedium before, just other perennials. Maybe it's common to pop 'em in the fridge, I have no idea. Other cyp growers, what do you think?
Me personally I have always gradually lowered the temp. for my temp sensitive ones. Basically I keep them outside until it gets around 40-50 degrees thats when I think about putting them in the frig. But I think if they go dorment they could be fine but I always aired on the side of caution.

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