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I got two spider farmers and a light meter shows that each puts out about 800 foot candles 30” up from the bench. So I either need to double up or augment with another bulb. For now I’m trying some metal halides leftover from my aquarium days.
I have grown under LEDs for 13 years, using a handful of different types over the years. Most of my Cattleyas are currently under Spider Farmer SF600 74 watt bulbs. About $110. They are 40 inch long rectangular panels that have full spectrum and produce enough intensity for high light plants at 7-10 inches above the top of the plants. They would cover a width a little less than 2 feet. Lower light plants wound have the lights higher up.
If you are serious, you need a light meter that measures peak photon flux within the PAR range. the most affordable and yet accurate enough is the Apogee full spectrum meter. Measurements are photon micro moles per meter squared per second. The highest light orchids like Cattleyas don’t need more than about 350 at the top of the leaves to grow and bloom well. With my Spider Farmer SF600 fixture mentioned above this intensity occurs about 8 inches below the LED panel. Lower light orchids require a greater distance below the panel.