What is the largest Cattleya flower?

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Nov 17, 2018
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Spotsylvania, VA
We had an OS member who brought in a Pamela H in bloom. Huge flower. Until I saw it I wouldn’t have believed a cattleya bloom so large existed. The bloom had very good substance! That I well remember, because just as soon as I had gently felt of the petal, I quickly pulled my fingers away and was starting to apologize for touching when the owner stopped me saying a gentle touch would cause no harm!
I saw one at a show in VA last spring that was like what you describe. I grow PH ‘C’ and could not believe the size and substance of the flowers. The judges passed it by. Later I asked one of the judges why it had not been pulled and was told it already had an FCC so upgrading it made no sense, the owner would just have to pay to register the award!! That disappointed me. The owner was very disappointed his plant had not been given appropriate attention. I sort of understand the judge’s thoughts, but most of us would be happy to pay to register any award.

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