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That's really interesting, Stephen! Are you going to do that for the others?

I really think it is useful to see the staminodes next to each other like that, as well as the flowers. Grouping them such lets one see them as a whole, much different from looking at them in a vertical layout.

I also like seeing their distribution together like that. Although it make me wonder about delenatii...
I love it! All this information isn't only useful, it is well presented as well. Thank you for work you are doing.

Your web site continues to impress - all I can do is my humble best to contribute some possibly worthwhile photos :)

Looks great... only thought I'd have is around consistency. the top graphic is centered but all the others are lef justified. Just wondering how it would look with the graphics centered.
Thanks for the feedback!

I've got the graphics done for the other subgenera, but the sheets will take a while to complete. I'm missing one of Hallier's articles that a lot of the groups are based on.

I continue to filch photos whenever they pop up!

I tried the centered alignment, but it looked a little awkward at some resolutions. Instead, everything is now left justified.

Marco, I know I'm no expert on taxonomy, but how can tigrinum x tigrinum be a hybrid??? Wouldn't this just be a sib cross or a selfing?
Yeah just a minor mistake on the tigrinum page I noticed while I looking at it. I'm pretty sure its supposed to be (tigrinum x dayanum)

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