Two traveling vacation flowers.

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I like both of them - one of each please! :rollhappy:

My line with vendors is when they crack you over the head and take your wallet - I just won't put up with that treatment. I have a good relationship with a Neofinetia dealer here (went there yesterday!). Since he knows I'll always buy from him, I get freebies all the time and always a big discount from the marked price - between 15% to 20%. People know the hand that feeds them and are fools if they bite!
Funny, I have that relationship w/ Phylis! :evil:
..and Bill G., Glen D., H.P., Marylin L., Tom K., Joe K., Sam T., Jason F., ... the point is that we all share this addiction/passion. If I could afford all of Hadley's crosses I know I'd have bought them. THese people are in business to recoup their investments.