Trichopilia suavis

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Nov 22, 2010
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Eastern Townships, Quebec
Well... I am not sure I understand all the needs of this beauty. It is a very slow grower. And look at the shrivelling PBs... I wonder if I do something wrong. Maybe I don't give it enough water? But since the blooms are better every year, maybe my growing conditions are not that bad... It is it third blooming here. John M sold it to me when it was just spiking in 2012.

I grow it intermediate (indoor, with air conditioner, max 27, low around 18 C) or interm-cool in summer. It was outdoor last year, in a gazebo (under a roof. I like to control everything... even watering. I think our weather is too cool and rainy for growing most potted orchids under trees.

I would say our summers are sometimes very cool here... Night temperatures are often under 10 C in July and August. During those 2 months, days are usually 24 C to 28, with a just a few days near 30 C. But May, June and september are pretty cool. And I must keep an eye on the low night temperatures almost all summer long since the plants can freeze in June or August... "Thanks to global warming", freezing temperatures are less common those days in summer time...

I give it fairly low light. In the shade in the gazebo, or under very old T12 bulbs (6 to 8 bulbs, distance: more than 50 cm I would say). I water as a Cattleya in summer (maybe drier). In winter, I give it a dryer cool rest. I water once every 2 weeks only.

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