The Ugliest Paph in my collection...

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...and also, my VERY first orchid. I bought this thing at a local nursery at 50% off becuase it was past bloom. I've had a couple of sheaths since then, but they have blasted. I don't know how many orchids I've bloomed since I bought this thing... some of them are even tricky to bloom, and only NOW am I finally blooming my first orchid. Its insanity. I would have gotten rid of it after the first year if I weren't such a sentimentalist about these things.

Anyway, here it is :


As you can see, the judges probably wouldn't smile on this one. Yes, it only has one lateral petal... the other is mysteriously missing. I don't know what is going on with the column.

Still, if it hadn't been all messed up, it probably wouldn't have even been worth a picture :)

- Matt
lol... I'm a sentimentalist too!!! I still have my very first orchid.. admittedly, it's flowers doesn't try to be a mix up between quasi and frank!
It looks like those deformed creatures in the tubes in Alien Ressurection
"killllll meee"
The ugliest cross I ever flasked, that isn't deformed, anyway. No, don't ask my why this cross was made, I take credit only for the flasking...

P. fowlei x P. parishii
Hey Rob, that thing isnt so bad... for people who like those droopy petals like sangii. Well... its pretty bad. :)

Actually, I quite like fowliei, and I could imagine using it in breeding for miniatures, if someone were to feel the need to make hybrids. That one clearly didnt turn out very well, but the idea isn't that bad.

- Matt
I actually kinda like Rob's, but DAMN Matt, yours got beat ALL OVER with the ugly stick.
Did this little hybrid epiphyte fall out of the ugly tree? I wonder what would be said if you did enter it into an orchid show (give it to someone else...)

Just plain ole nasty:evil: :evil:

I think you better bloom it out for at least 4 more years before you give up on it.