The phillippinense group

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...perhaps these different forms and colorations demonstrate wide, genetic diversity within ths species... I dunno...

What would be really good is to get a copy of the articles when they were published... and then figure out if there was any difference in the descriptions... and then, see if that relates to the plants currently being given the various names....

for my part, I've kept all the names on the tag as is... but when i show them it goes in as philippinense....
...I wish that all these Phillipinense Group species were all in bloom at the same time, so we can start disecting the flowers and study the pollination apparatus and studying flower characteristics... especially those sepals and the petals, not so much the labellum... this would make it much easier on us to start sorting out what can be morphologically divided and what can be grouped together... I have absolutely no idea as to the flower characterisitcs (they are almost all different in pictures...)... I think a very complicated little group... =0

Maybe only DNA will tell...


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