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Leo Schordje

wilted blossom
Aug 22, 2006
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NE Illinois
that other forum won't!
Hello fellow Slipper Orchid growers! I want to thank Jon B, in SW Ohio for inviting me to this group. I am a 30+ year grower of Paphs, Phrags and other orchids. I even grow a few things that are not orchids, such as bonsai, bamboo and lately, various Hoya species.
My orchid collection numbers over 1000 plants, all under lights. At least 65% of them are either Paphs or Phrags. Mostly species, but many primaries and a half dozen or so various complexes. Phrags are a major focus, and the discovery of Phrag kovachii has certainly fired me up about Phrags again. I occasionally dabble in hybridizing too.
Like others obsessed with orchids, once you pass a certain point you turn the hobby into a part time business, so I have been occasionally working the orchid societies lecture circuit since 1992. Mostly in the midwest. Judging by the warm greetings my first post the other day received, a few of you remember me. Thanks, I'm glad to be here. That other forum would't even let me sign my name to my posts because I was "comercial". But while I admit I can never resist a little shameless self promotion, I am here because I love the orchids and want to learn more and share what I know.
See you all around the forum
Leo Schordje
Hello Mr. Schordje,

Welcome! We are always happy when someone with much to teach us joins the forum. I want to let you know that you can most definitely post links to your websites in your signature. We not only allow it, we encourage it. This is a forum that supports freedom of speech. Don't ever worry about posting links to outside resources whether they be retail or informational. Even other forums! If only other forums had the same policy...

I am glad Jon invited you, and I look forward to seeing some photographs of your collection.


Hi Leo just wanted to say welcome and I look forward to all you have to offer
littlefrog said:
Leo, they won't have me over there either!

Nice to see you here. hey, do you have any extra bamboo divisions?


Hey Rob,
Good to see ya. It has been a year since that trip Aug 2005. I do have bamboo,

Phyllostachys aureosulcata - my planting puts up 12 to 18 ft canes and is evergreen to -10 F and root hardy to -25 F - really fun stuff. I have a couple 1 gallon and at least one 3 gallon divisions that I dug last year. We are in prime digging time right now. Just need to get my shovel out.

Phyllostachys bisseti - around here it only gets to 12 feet. but it has the hardiest foliage. Can stay evergreen to -15 F if it is out of winter sun. I have a 3 gallon divisions of this one.

Plieoblastus viridi-striata - Green stripe bamboo. A great hardy ground cover. Averages 24 inches tall, neat variegated leaves. A hardy running ground cover.

Contact me off the list if you want the gorey details.