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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure

I'll be doing an inventory of some extra supplies I have over the next few days. If you are thinking of placing an order anytime soon for square aircone pots, diatomite, etc. please let me know. I will have these available for postage. I also think have a small humidifier and some extra filters for it, available for $20.00 plus postage.

4" appears to be the size I'm out of. If you have smaller sizes, I'd gladly take a few off your hands,too!

On that note, does anyone need a 6" aircone? I don't know why on earth I bought it. I'll never need a pot that big. Same deal applies: just pay shipping.
okay, I have a TON of 4", a good number of 5" and 6", and a smattering of smaller ones.

The humidifier is a Holmes. If you follow this link, it is pictured on the left of the page with "view all humidifiers" written under it. It is a 4 gallon I think but they aren't listing it for sale now. I have two sets of three replacement filters to go with it.

Heather, could I pick up a handful of 4 inchers? I have enough smaller ones that I would feel bad taking them away from people that really need them now. Let me know!
I have some smaller aircones, yup. Let me know numbers please guys? (Zach - you too I have a ton of 4's how many do you want??) The pots, though they will have been run through the dishwasher, are not all coming out pristine, so you may have to do a little scrubbing...

And the diatomite.....(running to basement....pant pant pant...running back)
is about 1 cu ft. of medium size.

Ooh, and I have about a cu. ft. of spongerock and 1/2 cu. ft. of charcoal.

I have several of Ray's P/A boxes I can ship in, but not a lot of other sizes, just FYI. If I can, I'll ship stuff on Monday....
Heather said:
I'll throw a bunch in w/ the rock.
Oh, oh, oh....any aircones left? I love those things.
Hey Kentuckiense....where did you get the 6" air cone and how much was it? I have a plant that wants to move up and needs a biggie.