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Oct 9, 2016
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Cleveland, OH
In November 2022, I decided to try a Cattleya (Sophronitis) coccinea flask. Orchid Inn had coccinea and wittigiana flasks, and I went for them. Sam sent two coccinea flasks along with a wittigiana. Around the same time, I received a wittigiana flask from Troy Meyer. So... that's a lot.

The four flasks have been growing well, and I feared disturbing them. They are overdue for repotting...I just hope the roots look good. Wish me luck in keeping these going. Any pointers are welcome.

Cattleya coccinea:
the larger seedlings are in sphagnum. The smaller seedlings are in kiwi bark.

Cattleya wittigiana:
The Orchid Inn flask is in sphagnum. The Meyer's flask is in bark.
Truthfully, I grow all of my flasks in sphagnum moss. Never could get the hang of growing flasks until I switched over. I think these would look quite nice with a large group of one one specie mounted on one of those corks mounts that still have the shape of a branch. Matter a fact I may have a couple of extras if you need them down the line.