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Something in spikes or in blooms

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Jun 25, 2012
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Some of members here might have already learned that I am selling off my collection. Reason to sell is we want to downsize our home/property next year and travel more often, have less things to worry about.... I don't have an updated list of my available plants(yet). 60% of my plants have found their new homes in recent weeks. My plants and I are extremely thankful for the overwhelming responses since my announcement....... Right now, I still have over 300 plants available for sale, plenty to choose from. I have mostly species from various genera like Cattleya/lealia, Bulbophyllum, I/W Dendrobium(most of my cool growing Oxyglossum Dens are gone now, sorry.), Misc. from the Pleurothallids family. some Neof. falcata, few mini Phals, and some nice Angreacoids.... Few Paphs(mostly complex or sanderianum hybrids) are also available if I can find an easy way to ship them........well, that is my long story! For inquiry of available plants, please send me a PM and let me know what genera you are interested in, and I will get back to you ASAP with a list of available plants from those genera.

Here is a group of vandaceous miniature/small species available for sale. They are currently in spike or in bloom. All of them are mounted, well established, in great condition. Minimum order from this list is $100 plus shipping($15/$20 per box). Payment through paypal account. I can only ship plants to lower 48, U.S. through priority mail, FOB.

please send me PM if you are interested in any of them or have a question. Thanks.

Holcoglossum wangii--$35, 4 growths, 3 spikes.
Holcoglossum flavescense--$40, 3 growths, 5-6 spikes.
Tuberolabium woodii--$22, single growth, 2 spikes.
Tuberolabium quisumbingii--$35, 4 growths, 2 spikes.
Tuberolabium philipsii--$25, single growth, 5 spikes.
Dyakia hendersoniana--$25, two plants on the same mount, one in spike.
Eurychone rothschildiana--$30, single growth, a beautiful plant and a nice clone, 5 flowers on one spike.
Hymenorchis javanica--$30, single growth, one spike.
Ceratocentron fesellii--$30, single growth, one spike.
Gastrochilus fuscopunctatus--$25, 2 growths, in spikes, nice purple spots on leaves.
Sarcochilus falcatus--$30, single growth, 2 spikes.Lovely species and plant.
Aerangis luteo-alba rhodosticta--$35, 6 growths, one BS, in bloom now with one spike.
Aerangis luteo-alba rhodosticta--$30, 2 growths, in bloom now with two spikes.
Aerangis modesta--$28, 2 plants(same clone, it separated few years ago when I mounted it), both in spikes.
Amesiella minor--$28, single growth, 2 spikes.
Amesiella monticola--$25, single growth, 2 spikes.

I can also offer this as a package deal, $450 for all 16 plants, shipped.

I also like to thank Heather and slippertalk for allowing me to make an announcement/ post a sale here.
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Eric, Nothing personal, I prefer mail order. Let me know(through PM) what you like to have. Thanks.
All sold(the vandaceous species package), Thank you.
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