Some of the birds around in winter

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Thank you for feeding the owls daniella. I may never see
one, but it makes me glad that some people care enough
to make sure the young ones get through winter. I feed
every woodland critter who cares to come to feed at our
house and we now have more wildlife in this area than
there has been for many, many years. Sharp Shinned and Red Shouldered hawks are returning because the supply of little critters to feed on is plentiful. Humans CAN make a difference.

Magnificent photos!
The second bird is a barred owl. The eyes are totally black, so they reflect anything around. If close enough, you could see your own reflection like in a mirror :)

Their eyes are like a black pearl.

I was kind of joking about winter but in truth it will be here soon enough (2 months). In November it is already winter and snowing. The snowy owls generally get here in November or December.

Slipperfan, it's hard to make some people understand, on both sides.

As for deers, the park rangers put up food for them in our local park in winter, right in middle of the city. Amazing how well they have adapted to modern life in the city.

Good to know and it's very interesting that their eyes are black.
They looked as if they were closed in the photo since they were very dark.

Yes, wild animals being taken care of by humans.
I wonder if feeding them make them too familiar with humans?
Maybe they just get to know that that's just a seasonal thing to depend on and survive the winter? :)

I don't think I've ever seen owls in person.
I'm rather scared of the encounter to be honest for some reason.
I feel the same way about eagles. They are beautiful birds but scary to me at the same time. Those beaks and claws, and eyes! :eek:
Happy, don't be a sissy! The only birds you need be scared
of are Pileated Woodpeckers around a nesting area. They
WILL drill a hole in your head! We have Great Horned, Barn owls and
Screech owls here and they only bother rabbits and field
To me, perhaps the most majestic and interesting birds too.

In the beginning of the year, I did some studies about this one, very difficult to see it because it's a "shy" but incredible specie: (not my pictures)


Great Horned are majestic birds and quite large. Every
now and again one lands on the peak of our roof to spy
the surrounding area and HOOTS. They are incredibly

Fabrice, your photos are stunning. I rarely see them, but
hear them frequently at 2am to 3am. Only a very large
bird could possibly make that loud sound.
Amazing pictures of beautiful animals.

It made me sad to read about the starving birds. You're a good person for feeding these beautiful creatures, I like you. :)