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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
Couple of recent purchases

NoID, initially thought it was a hybrid of Cattleya walkeriana x violacea, but now a more likely ID is Heathii (loddigesii x walkeriana). Plant stature is small, resembles walkeriana. The entire spike of 4 flowers dwarfs the plant.

Brassocattleya Saint Andre, primary hybrid of Cattleya dowiana aurea and Brassavola nodosa. The spike carried a single large flower.

NoID but looks very similar to a cross from Thailand, Blc Haadyai Delight x Rhyncholaelia digbyana. The plant strongly resembles digbyana.

Thanks all for the comments. :)

Is BLC Haadyai Delight pure yellow flower??

Haadyai Delight is a mostly yellow flower, some clones have slight greenish cast or some orange on the lip. It is a compact BLC with relatively large flowers but personally not to my taste as the lip flares open, exposing the column entirely.