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Goldenrose: It's not around the bend for me either. You just have to plan early so you can get a descent price on the flight. I went last year for the first time and enjoyed it. Didn't think I'd be going this year as I'm also going to the WOC, but what the heck.
What a great symposium!
I really enjoyed the speakers, learned a great deal.
Can't wait 'till the BBQ and auction tonight!!
Man did you guys miss out. The Symposium was G R E A T !!!!!!!!! More of us need to make it. It was a small group of maybe 50 people. I personally like the smaller 50 to 100 people group. You get to meet and talk to many great educated people. You get to eat lunch in supper with greats like Nortio Hasagawa, Sam from Orchid Inn, Frank Smith and many others. There is always many great plants for sale. Many seedling of great breeding. Also many hugh paphs, and phrags for sale. Many of the larger paphs. didn't have the new great breeding of the seedlings. Although I did get a few blooming size paphs. from Norito and June Hill.

Then on top of that Frank Smith hosted a barbaque at his place. He also opened up ALL of his greenhouse to the group on Sunday morning. My only regret was I was a little pressed for time on Sunday and was afraid that if I went to the breakfast and open house I might possible miss my flight. I worry about things like that as I hate driving where I don't know were I'm going. I need that second person in the car to read the directions for me. I used MapQuest to get to the hotel and it was terrible. It had me getting on and off of diffrent highways and going into a city. I just used the map given to me by the car rental and found my way back to the airport via a single road. Sure it took me an extra 5 or 10 minutes but it was a straight shot.

Almost forgot to mention the great auction at the end of the night. There were some great buys to be had. I was looking for plants of great breeding so only bid on a few. I won possible the smallest seedling on the auction table. Yet, it had the best breeding. I got a roth. that Krull and Smith donated. I don't remember both parents but one of them was Chrystell or something like that. I know it was great when I was bidding against Sam T. from Orchid Inn. Truth be told I think he let me win it so I didn't go home empty handed from the auction.

So, I want to see more of you guys there next year, O.K. Plan now as it is always the first weekend of November. I also understand that next year they will have AOS judging at the event.
I'm at work currently so may do so later. I preordered 10 from Sam at Orchid Inn, and 4 from Fred Clark. All of these are seedlings. I tried to buy at least one plant from each vendor, or was it two. Norito had some good stuff but it flew off his table. He had this great crossed vini with charlesworthii as one parent. The example plant (which he wouldn't sell) was great. He only brought 3 or 4 of those. Some lovely women next to me thought she had the last one. I then picked up one that looked like it. It turned out I had the correct cross and she did not. Then Nortio tell me I grabed the one with two sheaths. I felt sorry for the other women who thought she had it. However, I didn't feel bad enough to give it up.
I'm sorry I missed it. Every year I'm down there the week before the event for the paintball world cup but can't get the time to stay away 2 weeks. :(
I'm sorry I missed it. Every year I'm down there the week before the event for the paintball world cup but can't get the time to stay away 2 weeks. :(

:clap:OH yeah - how did the paintball cup go????
O.k. I'll give you a list of what I bought.

Paph concolor (Gold Fever x Sunshine) in sheath Hill's Raingreen Tropicals (813)685-2392
She always has large plants at great prices
Paph Muriel Constance 'Mamma Mia' x Paph concolor 'Concord' in high bud Orchid Limited
Paph Snowflake 'Awesome Snow Giant' x Double Trix 'Chunky seedling Orchid babies
Paph Dollgoldi (roth. Dee Dee's Queen AM/AOS x armen 'Ann') seedling Sunset Orchids
Paph Lynleigh Koopowitz in sheath Hill's Raingreen Tropicals
Paph (Red Glory x Pulsar) x charleworthii 2 sheaths Norito Hasagawa
Paph roth (Sian x New Dimension) seedling Orchid Inn
Paph roth (Red Baron x Wide Horizon' AM/AOS) seedling Orchid Inn
Paph charlesworthii (Nori's Red' x 'Flat Top) b.s. for a friend Orchid Inn
Paph malipoense (Cloisonne' B/CSA x Silmaril SM/aos, S/GSA) hard to read b.s. Orchid Inn
Paph Francisco Baptista 'Spectacular' x armen 'Rising Sun') seedling Orchid babies
Paph roth. ('Raja Kumis' FCC/AOS x Dee Dee's Queen AM/AOS) seedling Sunset Orchids
Paph roth. ("Dee Dee's Queen' AM/AOS x Dee Dee's King') seedling Sunset OrchidsPaph roth. (Perfect Circle x Highlander) seedling Orchid Inn
Paph charlesworhii (Giant Pink King x Hot Fire) for a friend b.s. Orchid Inn.
Paph micranthum (M "luthien' AM/AOS x M Pink Elephant B/CSA b.s. Orchid InnPaph x 2
armenicaum 'DD's Duece' x Fanaticum seedling Sunset Orchids
Paph concolor x sib b.s. Norito Hasagawa
Paph roth (krull's Ruby' x Crystelle FCC/AOS seedling Krull Smith
Paph malipoense (Silmaril AM/AOS s/csa x Elves Mounstones S/csa) b.s. Orchid Inn
Paph roth (Knight Challenge SM/JOGA x Titanic GM/JOGA) seedling Orchid Inn

I pre-ordered many of these plant but everyone needs to go next year. It is a great event.
Great haul. I recently got the the same paphs you did from Sunset Valley Orchids. I've never heard of Hill's Raingreen Tropicals. Off to google...

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