Slc. Fairyland, Phal. violacea, B. cucullata

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Here are a few bloomers in the greenhouse...

Sc. Fairyland. This opened up yesterday, and what a surprise! I was expecting yellow flowers.... well, it's not yellow... but very pink! I did a search on it, and the colors from the cross range from almost white through yellow to yellow blushed with pink to pink, so it most likely is Sc. Fairyland, it just didn't get the yellow from the Sc. Beaufort parent (got that lip though!).


Phal. violacea 'Best' (from the Norton's N0154 cross) This is the best I've bloomed so far. All have been magenta (one parent was magenta, one was blue, so magenta were expected). I did a sib cross last month, and I hope it takes. I used 'Amazon' , the biggest, strongest, fastest grower as the pod parent. Overall the quality of the cross has been very consistent: all have been nicely shaped very saturated flowers.


Brassavola cucullata

I've had this one for a long time, even before we had the orchid room. It arrived as a tiny "bonus plant" in one of my first orders. It was the first thing I decided to mount. I'm amazed I didn't kill it. The first year or so it lived in the bathroom. Not only did it live, it grew and thrived, and has been a reliable bloomer for a while now, always blooming in September/October.


Another favorite, just opening up. This is a 'New' favorite. It came home last fall (2006) from an OS meeting. It's still a small plant in a 4" pot, but growing well, and just starting to bloom nicely!

Guarianthe bowringiana


Bc. Golden Jewel

This one is an all-time favorite. While it doesn't live up to "typical" cattleya beauty standards, I like it's simply form and delicate colors. One parent is B. glauca (rhyncolaelia glauca), and it is very dominant. Like glauca, it is very, very fragrant at night. It blooms on every new growth, so, if it isn't in bloom, it's in sheath...


And, lastly, a bad photo, but a little plant every collection should have. Dendrobium Maiden Charlotte, a small-growing abberans hybrid. It's low maintenance, tough as nails, small, and blooms reliably every fall. And, the flowers last a LONG time, like other latourea sec. dens. Mine blooms on new growths and on the old growths, so it gets many, many spikes of ruffly white pendant flowers. (currently in a 2" pot w/ 5 spikes on 6 growths)



:clap: the violacea is gorgeous:drool: & anyone who likes long petals has to like the cucullata! :clap:

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