sendenii var.Rosum 'Bern Crest'

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Grandma M


In the past 12 hours, we have had, rain, sleet, icy roads, thunder, lightening, my power went out for a short time, and now it is snowing like crazy. I'm thankful for my orchids to brighten up a BAD day.

This had 7 blooms on it but I bumped one off when I watered it....another bad thing to add to this day. Hopefully spring will arrive soon.

Heather said:
Wow, what a nice blooming, Marilyn!
Sorry about the weather. We're getting pouring chilly rain here today. I too am ready for spring, and even dreaming of sitting outside on a summer evening. Sigh....

OH you dreamer. Will days like that ever come?????? March came in like a lion. Will it go out like a lamb?

I sure hope it goes out like a lamb, although it wasn't a terrible winter, I am ready fro spring!! Ice and sleet last night, heavy rain we see some flooding as well.

Marilyn...great plant:clap: :clap:
nice may need to move from the land of the devil (Michigan)
snow, snow and more snow in my area...thank goodness for orchids or I would go insane during our long winters. Actually we had no snow until mid-January but now we are making up for it....Eric I need your warm rain!

Very impressive display!
Park Bear

If I were 10 years younger I might think about that. Maybe North Carolina, with a I'm dreaming. I guess one is never to old to dream impossible dreams.
Come on over to Minnesota, where we have had 24 inches + of snow in the past WEEK! Phew, 2 hours of shoveling this morning, I'm wiped out!
you are never too old to change....I wish I could go a little more South, but all of my family within a days drive
Nice phrag, Grandma!

We had the same kind of day as you! But I worked all day!