Self Cross of Paph?

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Back in August I had a question regarding whether or not anyone thought this "pod" was fertilized or not? Unlike most of my previous paph flowers (I only have 8-10 plants and only for a couple years) - that slowly "die-on-the-vine", this one just fell off while still in good shape - which made me wonder if perhaps it had somehow self-fertilized? It stayed green (4 months plus) until just recently and today was the first day that it appeared to have cracked open just a wee bit. I looked at it under a magnifying glass and it appeared that a few little particles (dare I suggest "seeds"?) were sprinkling out. I cut the pod off and slit it open on a piece of white paper and what do you know! It would appear that it did in fact have thousands upon thousands of teeny tiny "seeds". The next obvious question is whether or not anyone thinks these seeds might be viable? I would be willing to ship the seeds to anyone who does flasking if they think these seeds are viable and would be worth the effort. It would be a self cross with the tag listing as follows -
(Paph Supersuk “Eureka” AM/AOS X paph Raisin :pie “Hsinying”) X SIB. Mostly have just been following the process as an educational experience!

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