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Karsten, don't worry ... it's just a presumption, nothing more.
I don't worry. But these quick shots ("I am pretty sure") because of a leaf pattern in such a large variety is a bit - strange. 😶
It's almost as if someone thinks that because sangii is rare and I start a thread about it that I'm “proud” of it and someone would have to counter that with an argument. People seem to be like that sometimes here.

Yes both javanicum and sangii have a wide range of leave pattern. But i havent ever seen a sangii with such thin stripes as pattern like your plant have it. But some javanicum types have it. I am pretty sure, but of course perhaps i am wrong in the end. The flower will show us the truth. ;)
Another reason to be javanicum is that it established easy 😆
I have yet to see a Paph that would be difficult to establish under the culture conditions I can offer. But I don't know why these are good or what others lack. Its pure random. But thanks for the tip with the javanicum, Martin. It's still possible - but of course I hope not.
I am still curious. Seems the suspense will remain until the end. 😄 ...and until then I still don't know if it's an ugly specimen of a sangii.

The price was absolutely fine, even for a javanicum. In this respect, no loss. But it's a shame, because I find the flowers of the javanicum ugly and especially those of the sangii so fascinating.

I'm not interested in rarity. It's a pity that sangii are so rare because they look so beautiful.
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Good save! and it really has bounced back nicely.
I just saw one on Ebay(U.S) for $120( I guess it is legal in the U.S. now?). What is its price tag in Germany?
Good save! and it really has bounced back nicely.
I just saw one on Ebay(U.S) for $120( I guess it is legal in the U.S. now?). What is its price tag in Germany?
If its a real P. sangii, which some people here doubt. 🤷‍♂️
The only source of supply from our neighboring country the Netherlands costs €160 for a young plant. This one was available "under the table" at the Dresden Show for €45. Either someone wanted to get rid of his perishable goods quickly (when my friend got it it looked like it wouldn't make it) or he had a P. javanicum left over that he made look like it had been taken out of the jungle to earn a few more euros.
It is not cheap in Europe either. let's hope it is a real sangii when it blooms.
Have already looked around but Kelpak is not available in Germany. Theres a huge amount of algae powder and algae fertilizer. I am confused as to which product is suitable - the one with the algae "Ascophyllum nodosum"? They use that in Maxicrop which of course isn't available here - and in what dosage...

Kelpak is sell by Besgrow Netherlands. Good luck
You’re thinking what I’m thinking: the leaves just don’t look right.
I had given him the example that 'Martin' was of the opinion it was not P. sangii. That's what he was referring to.
An acquaintance told me that he had already received such plants from the same source and that they later turned out to be P. sangii. 🤷‍♂️ I'm also excited to see what awaits me.

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