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Aug 14, 2014
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New York City
I am excited to share this second plant of this wonderful hang hybrid (x leucochilum) with you.
I bought it as a mid to large seedling two years ago. It has grown well and now in bloom.
The flower is smaller than my first plant's bloom (which bloomed in 2017 and is in bud again now), but the shape is nice.

The first photo is from when it first opened in March. It is still in the same 2inch pot that it came in.
The second photo was taken last week. The color has darkened over time and it's looking even better.

Everyone might be wondering about the fragrance. Yes, it's there, but very mild. Baby powder with some sweetness. I wish it was stronger.


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Very nice flower and healthy looking plant. I have a few of these that should bloom in a year or so. I hope they turn out to be as nice as your did. Mike

Yes, it’s quite nice and I’m happy with it.
Wish you the best on your seedlings.

Btw, one of the Liberty Taiwan seedlings is finally showing a sheath. Have you bloomed any yet? I’m so excited!!
Very close to mine, love this hybrid, I think it is a cosistent one, at least the wf plants from sam tsui
If you got yours from sam, I just have to say 2 thumbs up for sam, he produces a+ hybrids!!
The second photo is killer. What an improvement a few days make. Thanks for sharing. BTW thanks for the Paph and I will pot the flask up tonight.

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