Resting Paphs that bloom too much?

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So, I was just taking a look at my big Paph tigrinum, and discovered that it has 4 new spikes coming up. It currently has 2 blooms, and one dropped a few weeks ago, and it has 2 seed pods on it.

I'm inclined to say that this is just too much production for this plant... the plant isn't THAT big... so I've been thinking that I'll just snip off the spikes that are coming up and let the plant grow for a little while.

On the other hand, I have to wonder... if the plant were taxed for energy and resources, would it be producing so many flowers? Wouldn't it give itself a rest?

What have your experiences been with this sort of thing? Usually I cut off the spikes on my liemianums after 6-8 months, but I have never worried about this issue with my other Paphs.

Thanks :)

4 more spikes??? are these spikes on top of the three that previously bloomed? I wouldn't have any advice for something like this considering that I'm the one that :poke:s you with questions. But i just wanted to say that 4 spikes is serious. Tigs really love you Matt.

The best advice that I can offer you is selling me that Paph. tigrinum!!!

I assume the plant is still in very good health, why not leave the spikes to bloom? :)

I agree with Pat! Divide it and sell it to us!

Hopefully it is not blooming due to the plant being physically poor and trying to reproduce to keep from dying! Otherwise it is naturally blooming and will be fine!

That is just my opinion!
That sounds like a healthy and vigorous tigrinum...when mine was alive, I found it incredibly vigorous and always happy to set spikes in the problem was dividing it too much for trade....I was so trusting because it grew so well...then my last division kicked in a bad summer with bad own fault for being overzealous. Enjoy those blooms, and don't cut them off. Take care, Eric
My esquirolei went pretty crazy this year too. It even threw a stray bloom in September.

I thought it should take some time off, but its putting up sheaths for next year, and looks fine.

So go with it:clap:

BTW What is your potting mix for your tigrinum?
This particular plant is in a fine bark mix, that is actually almost entirely fine bark, with a small amount of perlite... but it dries out pretty quickly. I don't think that this is the type of medium that most people would suggest for the species, but mine does well.

- Matt
I'm still using a chc base for mine, but acidifiy it a bit with some chopped sphagnum. Live moss grows well in these pots too.

I think other than the drainage issue I think they like a somewhat acidic mix.

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