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Jun 20, 2023
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Hey so I have a nice large plant, I live in Miami, guessing it's too hot to grow outside in my shade house? It's large and the spikes get tall so w my other Phrags kindof hard to keep it in there with the rest... what is the move here? Thanks
A good friend of mine lives in Fort Myers Florida which is very similar to your climate. He grows both the big Paphs. like rothschildianum, Julius, St. Swithin and he grows a ton of Phrags as well. He has been granted a large number of awards. He grows under shade cloth outdoors and believes in lots of water, LOTS, and very good air movement. He regularly takes his plants to Fairchild Gardens for judging.
His name is Ralph Brand. He really fusses over his plants. When it is warm he has an overhead misting/watering system. If memory serves, he waters every day when it is warm.
Ah ok cool, thanks and good to kno, yea was nervous to put outside but i will try it out. Thanks again