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Jun 6, 2006
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Sacramento, CA. Outside w/ Southeast Exposure
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Yeah, Steve Topletz disappeared a couple years ago (right around the time we started the forum and we're just about at the 2 year mark) and I don't know anyone who's heard from him. Similar to Matt Pederson. I think they're both still out there and probably still involved but just quit the internet or something. Don't know, really. P.S. Do a search for Nascent as well....looks like he vanished. poof!
a bit of it was on

Anyway, shouldn't the link above be removed? We're just helping whoever owns the domain name now cash in from stoopid people like me. I just hate spam.
Well I wasn't truly helping someone's bank acct, but the deal with those webpages containing a bunch of links basically boils down to this.

- Find domain names that get a lot of traffic. Often these used to be a website but the domain name registration didn't get renewed. (In other words, piggyback on the former owner's traffic.) Or, the domain name may be a common word with big attraction (but most of those were taken a while ago).

- Put sponsored links on the website so that you get $ for every person who lands on your site and clicks through to a "sponsored" site. Easiest is to use a service from a place like hit farm dot com - they have it down to a ... business. The explanation on their site is quite informative, btw.

A lot of domain name registrars (the people you register a domain name with, like godaddy dot com) automatically put sponsored links on any of their client's domain names that are not associated with real web content. In the early days, the default was a "coming soon" or "this domain name is parked" page - now the default is sponsored links so that someone can rake in cash in the meantime. It may be only a little per domain name, but it adds up and no labor involved.... A volume business.
addendum. Used to be that the revenue for this kind of domain name warehousing came from "adult oriented" content, then later from gambling sites. Now I see way more of the sponsored link business.
Eric, that logic is so full of holes I could water my plants with it :poke:

All this chatter is so appropriate for a sticky thread! We are such good citizens :p
Troy, it is quite simple (once you know). Just click on the category where you want to start a new thread. For instance, if you want to start a thread in the Greetings and Salutations category. Once that category opens, at the top left in a blue button are the word "New Thread". Click on that and you can put a subject in and then write something below it.

And welcome to Slippertalk! I'm hoping you will tell us a bit about yourself in the Greetings and Salutations section.