Redlands Show: May 18-21, 2023 (Florida)

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Me too! Was ribbon judging and AOS judging on Thursday. Awarded a Paph!! Will show in judging section.

Met RichGarrison! Awesome guy!

Hope to see SlipperKing tomorrow Friday! I’ll be there all day…
Yes I’ll be there to judge on Thursday. Do come say hi!

Re anitum: try Springwater and Fajen, the Popow and NT?
Alexj had them. we'll see how they work out in the greenhouse...

Tranh had a wolterianum album... form wasn't great but interesting none the less...

Some great looking Roths from Ching Hua/Mainshow... 7+ cm dorsals big dollars.... $800 ish they also had a tony semple album crossed back onto the original stonei album...
Glad you got your anitum RG!

Btw saw Mr. In Charm and took a pic:

View attachment 40561

And some nice Paphs from Springwater:

View attachment 40562View attachment 40563View attachment 40564View attachment 40565View attachment 40566

And some black leucos/godefroyaes I got from Popow:

View attachment 40567View attachment 40568

Crushed and need some TLC for next couple years lol.
sweet ! very very dark indeed , potential future awards and breeding material for sure
Saw Rick (aka SlipperKing) today at last day of show. Took a quick pic after a good chat on his net-in-pot method. Really educational! Hope you do write that article in Orchids magazine as recommended by Jay the AOS President.

Yes, a good time was had by all!
It was great to finally cross paths with DrLeslieEe, talk shop and avoid Bob's alligator at the same time! LOL.

I did end up with one of Mr. Chen's roths but not the 800! I saw all the leftover ones at Frank Smith's on Monday so Mr. Chen didn't miss out on any sales.
I too was in West Palm Beach working the week before... my problem is I had to be in another state, during Redlands... sigh.... one year i will make it....
I understand there are some really good nurseries selling there, in some cases, plants we don't get to see all the time.
I did however pre-order a plant from a vendor, that they drop shipped to me (USPS UGH) once they got to Florida...
so did manage a otherwise next to impossible plant because of that
So many people so close in time and space!

Here I urge fellow ST’s to move Heaven and earth to descend upon Redland Festival for one day to meet and exchange ideas and connect for the good of mankind lol.