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Mar 10, 2016
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The Redlands show as always was amazing. I had placed an order for 6 flasks from Peruflora that were delivered to me at the show. I am always happy with the flasks from Peruflora but the group I picked up today were amazing. Usually there are a limited number of seedlings but this group had so many I could not count them-heaven help me when they get bigger. I have also been on the look out for an Addicted Phillip and was lucky to find one from Odom's that was even in bloom. One of my other favorite vendor's is Assendorfer-Orchideenzucht from Germany. Last year I purchased an andreettae and a paph hangianum seedling and a year later they are doing great. This year I purchased a sanderianum, a philippinense and a fischerii seedling. If they do as well as the other 2 I will be very happy. I also purchased a paph rothschildianum from Krull Smith which was locally bred and grown, so I know it will endure the South Florida summers.

Well I have a lot of potting to do so I better get started.



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Troy-I finally figured how to post pictures bigger than a postage stamp. Here is the Addicted Philip.
Troy what do you think it is then. It's not good when you cannot trust "reputable" vendors.
I have contacted the nursery as they also breed and sell Shin-Yi Princess and I think this may be what it is. I am waiting to hear back as I wanted an Addicted Phillip specifically. Thank you for the heads up.
I want to again thank all of you for your guidance I do not know what I did before I joined this forum!!

I contacted the vendor and he agreed it is not an Addicted Phillip its a Taiwan. He apologized as they are on the same bench in the greenhouse. We came to an agreement and I will keep the Taiwan and for a nominal fee he is sending me an Addicted Phillip (unbloomed so I will keep my fingers crossed). I will post again when the "new" Addicted Phillip blooms and hopefully it's correct.
Just an update, I received the replacement "Addicted Phillip" about 3 weeks ago and placed it with some other paphs on my upstairs balcony. Today I turned it and discovered a flower spike-so I will know in the coming weeks if its another Taiwan or an Addicted Phillip. I'll post a new photo when the bloom opens.
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This morning I noticed that there is another flower spike so soon there will be 2 spikes and I cannot wait to see if they are Addicted Phillip or Taiwan.