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Jun 9, 2006
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Glen Rock - New Jersey
So I came home to find Matt's package. A prim alba, the peoy from the auction and a freebie phrag sunset glow :clap:. My very first phrag!!!!

Thanks Matt you rock! :)

prim alba in sheath with 3 starts - i finally get to experience a sheath in person. lol




and the phrag!! :D


ok i have questions about the phrag though. I'm going to repot the phrag. Should I soak the potting medium in KLN or no? I don't have an RO system and dont want to use my tap, can i just buy the cheap gallons of distilled water from the supermarket and use that? Can I keep the phrag in s/h culture with primeagra?

Thanks everyone.

Matt as usual you come through with wonderful plants, Thanks again!:) .
Heather said:
They all look super!
And a great bonus to boot.

Distilled should be just fine for the Phrag. I laughed though when you said "the cheap gallons of distilled water from the supermarket". When you have 75 phrags, I'm afraid it seems less so. :)
That's why I collect rain water in a rain barrel, and use a horse tank heater in it in the winter.

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