Phrags Yoko W. Fischer and Jerry Lee Fischer

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Nov 29, 2008
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Bloomington, MN
Blooming at the same time and side by side as in life, Phrags Yoko W. Fischer 'Reijiro' and Jerry Lee Fischer 'Choice Treasure'. Same distance from the camera. The little marks on the dorsal of Yoko are a mishap with a light fixture!


Jerry and Yoko are valuable friends of mine for decades (and son Jason!). Orchids Limited enhances my life considerably.

Yoko W. Fischer is (Peruflora's Cirila Alca x besseae). That makes it roughly 25% kovachii, 25% dalessandroi, and 50% besseae. My plant was from the Orchids Limited cross (Peruflora's Cirila Alca x besseae 'Rob's Choice' AM). 'Rob's Choice' is a wonderful tetraploid, so in crude terms the plants get some extra besseae. I was fortunate to bloom this first out of the cross and Jerry agreed with my choice and registered this in 2016 after his wife Yoko. I named the cultivar 'Reijiro' after Yoko's beloved grandfather. It is a robust plant that has divided into two and it is a reliable bloomer. The flower has been as wide as 12.0 cm.

My Jerry Lee Fischer comes from the cross (besseae 'Rob's Choice' x Incan Treasure) so it is roughly 25% kovachii, 25% longifolium, and 50% besseae, but again, it gets an extra boost of besseae. My flower has been as wide as 13.0 cm, which is not as wide as the two awarded cultivars at 13.2 and 14.0. The shape and coloration of my plant are also not as nice as the two awarded clones. But, mine has great sentimental value!
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Since Fritz Schomburg is 50% besseae and 50% kovachii and dalessandroi is considered a variant of besseae, Yoko W. Fischer with 25% dalessandroi, 25% besseae, and 50% kovachii could closely resemble Fritz Schomburg, particularly with the tetraploid besseae component. This bloom of my Yoko is close to my triploid Fritz Schomburg in appearance, but a little more orange.
I'm partial to the Yoko--I like its shape and intensity. Both are nice, but that one is striking to me. So special that it bloomed first for you and Jerry & Yoko agreed to name it at your request!! And, her grandfather's name adds a very special touch. Wonderful you could honor her so... I was taken by her beauty when I met her and when I mentioned it later she thought (in humility) I must have remembered her daughter-in-law, not her, who of course is younger. She was also very lovely, but Yoko just struck me as a classic beauty.

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