Phragmipedium Acker's Classic (Twilight x kovachii)

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That’s funny, I just made a pile of cattleyas that have overstayed their welcome. It is purge season.
Pete don't make a pile of them. Send them to the guy at the school in (I think) WI. They pay postage! They are starting a collection to train students. It's a technical school starting an orchid program and he commented on this forum asking for plants. They will take anything you send and are setting up the greenhouses to receive different genera. I've sent Paphs & Catts to them. This could be where the younger judges AOS so desperately needs come from. If you don't find him on ST, his contact info is Gerrit Tichelaar [email protected]
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This is wonderful news! If we don’t pass this down to the next generation, then it will simply die off. I think it would be very useful to dedicate some thought to drawing younger people into the hobby.

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