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Thank you tom for elaborating on that, I personally enjoy the uniqueness of most orchids
As far as shape, we have to get beyond "toward roundness and fullness" if the system is going to evolve. The important attributes are color and balance which when extended, become "style" - something you won't find on an AOS score sheet. Many of these Pk hybrids are charming in their own right. If we continue on this path of roundness and fullness = awardability - soon everything will look like a Phalaenopsis.

Where is the "like" button!

I sure agree with you, Tom!
I wonder if the Acker's Superstar in this cross was a tetraploid or not. What I notice is a distinct difference in color, with this newer one much more toward the kovachii color that the color of my plant, which is about ready to bloom again.

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Absolutely to the point Tom! I over heard two AOS judges
say that slippers weren't even orchids. I don't think many
judges know very much about slipper orchids. The two judges walked past the beautiful Phrag. on display without a second look.
This is the second blooming of my Phrag Super Nova that began this thread. It had a very good growth year indoors under LED lighting in a mix of milled sphagnum and Growstones. As we hoped, this bloom is larger at 12.5 cm NS (width) with the petals being 4 cm in height.

Here is the Flikr link to the photo:

The color is about the same as the bloom last year (pink salmon or something like that) and the shape still has a pleasing wave to the petals.

The spike is branching on this blooming and looks to have 4 or more total buds.

I think the besseae predominance from using a tetraploid besseae is evident in the color, as compared to what is likely to be a more purple flower with a diploid besseae. The substance of this flower is fairly heavy as we might expect from an all tetraploid plant.

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