Phrag. Robin Redbreast flavum

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Hi Guys,

I thought I would share some pictures of some of our latest hybrids here at Orchids Limited.

I have been doing some breeding to try to create some yellow and orange type Phragmipidiums by using besseae flavum. I already posted (on the other forum) pictures of our Phrag. Saint Ouen's that we made with our 4N besseae flavum.

Following is a picture of Phrag. Robin Redbreast flavum (= Robert Palm flavum x besseae flavum). This hybrid was also made with the same besseae flavum (besseae flavum 'Taiyo' AM/AOS). I did not name this hybrid, as it had already been named by M. LeDoux in 2004.


Phrag. Robin Redbreast

Beautiful Photo. Is This Plant Available Through Orchid
Limited ??

New to forum,

Hi again Doc. I will try to get one of those also with my next Orchids Ltd. order. I need to know, I had a plant in my collection which died before I flowered it. It was tagged as besseae 'Peachy Keen' x St. Ouen 'Sweet Apricot'. Does anyone have a sample of this plant or know who produced it. I am very interested because the colors named sound interesting. Any help would be appreciated. E.
Hi Eric,

That one does not ring a bell to me (It is not a cross we have here); so hopefully someone else recognizes that one.

Wishfull thinking

I hope so. I just purchased a Lot of 10 orchids, mostly C. Ackers crosses, this will bring my Phrag collection to about 70 plants, all besseae hybrids. When I straighten out how to download photos from my razr I will post them. E.

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