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Aug 21, 2006
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Saratoga Region, New York
The following photo was taken by Slipperorchid Grower from Central CT... and is posted here with his permission. It is currently in Piping Rock's display at the CT show in Hartford. It appears to be a softer pink than the first one to bloom. I have not had the opportunity to see this one in person.

Heather said:
Thanks Ron. :)

Interesting to see the size comparison against Jason Fischer.
I also looked at that and concluded that is too difficult to tell from the picture. It appears that the Jason Fischer sits more forward in the display and therefore Haley Decker would appear smaller.
Marco said:
Nice haley big is the flower? thanks for the photo Glenn and Ron
I have not had the opportunity to see it open, in person. I will get a measurement when it returns to the greenhouse . Sure hope there is one open for the NY show.
kovachii is definitely going to be very influential in Phrag breeding and have as much effect, if not more than besseae has had. Crosses have already been made with Phrag Haley Decker and I would think that HP Norton has started breeding this his kovachii x besseae.

I wonder what other Phrags remain out there that haven't been discovered yet. Some people wonder how a flower as big and boldly covered as kovachii had not been discovered before. Well, after being in the Peruvian rain forest, I can tell you it is impossible to take a step without having a machete to clear as you go.
gonewild said:
Sure it does. Harley Decker is a besseae hybrid isn't it?
Sure is Lance!! Saint Ouen is Hanne Popow X besseae and Hanne Popow is besseae x schlimii

3/8 ths of Phrag Haley Decker is besseae genes (did I do the math correctly??)