Phrag. besseae 1st bloom seedling

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I finally got this little guy to bloom! I almost lost it during the move last year (it did NOT like the hot garage (well, it was in 4 different places over the past year...most with not the best growing conditions), but it sent up another growth (original growth died-I almost threw out the plant) and spiked! The new growth is nice and healthy-- it seems quite happy in the cool basement growing area.

The flower is a little wonky, but since it is a first bloom seedling, I hope that it improves. I like the color very much. It's a touch more orangey than in the picture, but still a very vivid, saturated red. (It looked like safety-cone orange under the sodium light though :p )

The cross was 'Smokin' x 'Colossal'. Since the first growth died, it's still only in a 2" pot.



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Jun 6, 2006
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Not bad!
I moved four times in the last year as well! It sucks, doesn't it? ;)
Anyway, I found that my besseaes and hybrids disliked the changing conditions more than any of the Paphs and finally ended up getting rid of them. It was as if the loved me, and then I moved four times and they just said "we're done with her".