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Feb 1, 2019
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Here are some of my leftover Phalaenopsis hybrid collection still hanging around…. All on the verge of being fostered out lol.

They do last a long time in bloom to make me forget the crazy winter storms we’ve had. So there’s that reason why they’re still clutching on here. 🤭

That spotted white one looks a lot like my favorite one I had long ago.
It was bought from a florist but surprisingly it came with a white plastic tag that read MPT 12. I assume it's some sort of commercial code for the variety but never found out the actual hybrid name.
The flowers were very large with a good count but the plant was quite compace with roundish dark green leaves.
These harlequin types are so cute to look at.

What happened to MPT-12?
Got hit by crown rot like the day after I bought it. 🤷🏻‍♂️
So it must have already been infected in the store/transit.
I don’t think I’ve ever seen this particular one again. I do see lots of other harlequin hybrids but I don’t generally like them.
Yupin Panda is close to what I like.
I doubt it is warm enough to cause color differences up in Canada yet? unless your room is super warm.
When I had thick waxy red fragrant phals in the past, it was the buds that developed during the heat of summer months that opened up with red spots against yellow background. Those tiny red spots give me funny feelings. I don't know what it is (not a matter of taste for me) but looking at them really just disturbs me. I don't know if it's because the pattern reminds me of certain insects of reptiles, but they just have that effect on me.
But in the winter months, they always bloomed out fully saturated intense dark red.
In the following summer, I could not look at the flowers and gave them all away.
Maybe first flower open orange. Second open red with the cooler nights.
The phal growing area is usually very warm.

Ummmm lots of insect tiny spots in paphs too but you don't react?
Brachys were my least favorite types in the past for that reason. It gradually grew on me, but still I prefer my spotless wenshanense over spotted types. Also, I like things like niveum and thaianum with no spots or very little tiny specks on the petals near the center of the flower.
A very nice bellatulum will always win my heart but the good ones are rare. 😁
And somehow my brain got rewired and associate bellatulum more with seabird eggs than insects or reptiles. 🤣

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