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  1. Ricardo Boricua

    Phalaenopsis mannii

    Phalaenopsis mannii
  2. Theodoreorchidking

    MC1702-Phal. Cheng-De Beauty 'Sakura' AM/AOS (Orihime Beauty x Orihime)

    I got this from Norman's orchids. It is supposed to be more pink but im happy. The flowers are the largest I've seen on a phalaenopsis. Also it is developing its 9th flower.
  3. DrLeslieEe

    Phalaenopsis Blooms

    Here are some of my leftover Phalaenopsis hybrid collection still hanging around…. All on the verge of being fostered out lol. They do last a long time in bloom to make me forget the crazy winter storms we’ve had. So there’s that reason why they’re still clutching on here. 🤭
  4. DrLeslieEe

    Phalaenopsis stowaway

    I don’t know how these came back with me from the monthly society meeting but here they are lol.
  5. B

    scented weirdo Phalaenopsis

    You know how it happens. The last thing you need is yet another random grocery-store Phalaenopsis but you need a gift for somebody and they’re a BOGO bargain and you’ve never seen quite THIS particular odd color before and the plant looks so healthy and…home it comes. I got this weird subtle...
  6. DrLeslieEe

    The Red Sun Phalaenopsis

    A deep cinnamon red colored hybrid just opened. Still unnamed so I thought to give it some identity before it freaks out lol. Cross is Phal (Lioulin Lawrence x Chienlung Bear Ambo), with mostly amboinensis, venosa and bellina with a touch of violacea and amabilis in its background. A...
  7. DrLeslieEe

    Phalaenopsis Hawaii Dragon Girl ‘Dragon Tree’ AM/AOS

    I got this stem prop plant from Hamilton Orchids (of Apopka) at Redlands. It’s flowering from an old spike while developing a new spike. I love the neon violet colour. This is why I collect novelty phals because of these bright glowing colours.
  8. led_acid

    Orange dots and necrotic leaves

    Hello there! Which disease are those? I think i have two different ones in the same plant. Photos are from phalaenopsis Thanks!!