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Nov 15, 2017
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You know how it happens. The last thing you need is yet another random grocery-store Phalaenopsis but you need a gift for somebody and they’re a BOGO bargain and you’ve never seen quite THIS particular odd color before and the plant looks so healthy and…home it comes.

I got this weird subtle taupe-yellow-copperish branchy mini at Whole Foods last week. Yesterday was warm in Chicago so I had windows open, enjoying the spring breeze, when up my nostrils wafted an utterly delicious floral bouquet. I sniffed all around the house trying to find the source, went outside, nothing but bloodroot in bloom…came back in and stood in the same spot, next to this Phalaenopsis and yup, there it was again. Could not believe it. Leaned down repeatedly to verify, walked away, cleared nose, back to sniff again… yup, it’s this random grocery-store impulse buy.

Scent is distinct. Light, bright, clean, floral, hint of freesia with vanilla and lemon-rose note. Perfect in the house, nothing cloying or heavy. I’m enthralled.

Bought purely for the odd color. Photos include both sides of tag; I’ve been to the Kathryn Perry Orchids Pinterest page and can’t figure it out (I hate Pinterest). Anybody seen this Phal out there? Any ideas of parentage or actual source? There were half a dozen of these at the store, I haven’t had time to go back and sniff (if they’re still there).

hope you enjoy!


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I have this one not name though, these with the small waxy red, Orange, rusty and red colored ones I'm pretty sure are close to the pollychillus or summer-blooming type phals Ie the fragrance.
I have picked up quite a few phals from a grocery store lately. I have two dark red purple minis and one white mini, all are fragrant!!
I have about 35 of these fragrant Phalaenopsis under lights. It comes from violacea, bellina, amboinensis and others. They are primarily summer bloomers from May to September. Plants have glossy leaves and grow low to the pot.
Unfortunately many suppliers of orchids to supermarkets and stuff have no idea as to the worth of a proper name tag.
I have some that smell fruity, spicey, mango like, one smells like juicy fruit gum! It is a hoot! But most have some fragrance of some type.