Phal. Haur Jin Princess

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Here's the color when it first opens:

Then it matures into this:
That looks like it has good color retention as the flower ages. Very pretty.

Lots of the yellow phals get noticably paler with age.
OrchidNorth said:
That is gorgeous. Is it a large inflorescence?


This inflorescence is about 11 inches with 4 open flowers and 1 bud still to open.

This particular plant is noticeably on the small side compared with other plants of the same grex at Pine Ridge's greenhouse. I am guessing it suffered a setback from a recent repotting as the newer leaves are much smaller than the older ones. Many other plants of the same grex had 18 inch inflorescences with larger flowers, so I expect the inflorescence size and flower count will increase as the plant gets larger.
Thanks Marcus. It will certainly get larger with time, I thought it looked pretty large already.