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Dec 9, 2006
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Penang, Malaysia..d home of fabulous paphs.
i intend to look for parvi hybrids, as the species cannot bloom in the Malaysian lowlands... so, i have to do a little research first. are parvis dominant as parents?:confused: if parvis are crossed with warm growing species, will the resultant hybrid need cooling in order to bloom? do they tend to bloom on single growth plants, for inter-sectional hybrids except for (corypedilum x parvi)? hope anybody can help me... cos i don't have much experience with parvis. i got micranthum and delenatii though. both are growing well but refuse to flower... :mad: thanks... :)
From the pictures I have seen on the web, parvis seem to be very dominant in a cross. The color transfer quite well to the hybrid. Some brachys x parvi crosses can bloom on single growths, while parvix multi crosses often do require multiple growths before it blooms.

I think any parvi x roth crosses would LOVE your lowland condition! The bonus is they all look drop dead gorgeous! :drool:
The most tolerant and easy to bloom parvi hybrids are those between Paph. delenatii and the other parvi species. They are easy to grow under a wide range of conditions and bloom freely without any demanding cultural regimen.
Also look for parvi cross with charmberlianum, moquetianum, primulianum, etc. group. They are very free flowering and some clone take over the sequential flowering habit of the later group. All have large flower and dramatic color and heat tolerant.

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