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Not always produce big plants big flowers ... but this species does and furthermore they are lovely ones.
I can't wait for these to make their way to the USA. It feels like we're the only country affected by CITES sometimes.
Tony, I'm nor sure whether it depends of CITES or other things ... but this species is very rare and hard to obtain also here in Europe.
I do have cultivating some for a moment. Of course they come from the nature and they are not that big! I had seen many times fro
Taobao china that the plants selling are medium to small in size, one third as compared with the plant shown in photo. I had acquired a few half years ago and the size of each plant is just half of yours.
I didnt realise the plant was that big. I wonder how it went undiscovered for so long?
Laos is so heavily forested that you can’t really access a lot of the country. In the last few years, Chinese developers have been clearing roads through some of those really remote areas and it’s opened up new parts of the country in places previously impassable.