Paphiopedilum vietnamense

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Because that’s their proper form, which should be celebrated and maintained in all its wavy glory instead of bred to suit some sad, arbitrary “standard.”
absolutely agree... with that color, having some interesting aspects to its form that aren't 'perfect circle' and 'ironed flat' ... my tastes say 'nice'... but what do i know... :)

besides having some empathy for all the work to get all that flower tissue out of the tiny bud... i vote +1
Do it!!! The dark side is calling lol.
You guys are the devil! But I have been thinking about it for sure. I’ll look for a reasonable flask. I think flasks are my future tendency. I’m hooked on the danger and the rewards for success. Been thinking I’d have flasks of that albino P. purpuratum by now but… Sam says he never heard anything from his flasker about my beautiful pod, hasn’t responded to my recent last-ditch-plaintive pestering about it so I guess that dream has died.😔

So, I have room for a vietnamense flask…or something?

Here’s that rescue Ho Chi Minh coming along, for proof I can grow half-brothers. This poor thing was up to 5 growths, hit hard by The Great Poisoning, got down to one growth, produced these two (now 3) before dying and voila! Here’s the bud. All in the space of 12 months.


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@Brucher | Your HCM looks really great, the foliage is a feast for the eyes and last but no least good luck to see it in flower here very soon.
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@BrucherT I am the same way about flasks. I am pulled by the potential of what could be. I will keep my eye out for vietnamense flasks also. There were a couple on Sam's list last fall but I have no idea where all that stands now.

Also nicely done on your HCM. I love the foliage but wish the flower would stick around longer. Mine tops out in about 14 days.

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