Paphiopedilum tigrinum forma smaragdinum

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Feb 1, 2019
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Popow Orchids posted this today on FaceBook and caused a sensation. It’s the album or rather alboviride version of tigrinum.

It’s absolutely stunning, majestic form with jade green color. An ethereal presence!

Pictures sent to me by Boscha with permission to post on here:


More details about the plant tomorrow (such as size of flower and plant) as I gather more facts from Boscha Popow.
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Oh my god....😯😯😯😯I think not just the name but price is just the same as emerald.
Indeed you are right. Might worth its weight in emeralds 😅.

They are only two known plants of this forma. This one and another in China (Kunming?). Reason is that it has been a reluctant breeder, sort of self sterile. Perhaps it’s a 3n or aneuploid?

Of course, it must be in my collection soon lol.
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Wow, this is a very impressive flower and a well grown plant. I won't imagine its price, but as SouthPark gold shoud be approbriate.
Leslie, thanks for showing the photos here and good luck and fingers crossed with your efforts to aquire such a plant sooner or later. 🤞
Popow sent me these pictures to post, to show the staminode and posterior parts of the flower:


Further info Boscha shared with me:

Plant is about 28 cm leafspan with NS of flowers approximately 12.5 cm.

Thanks Popow for sharing this amazing specimen!!