Paphiopedilum rothschildianum 'Gigantic' FCC/AOS x 'Samurai'

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Thanks. Yes, that one hasn't been on his website for a while. But I thought he might still have FS plants in his nursery. I know when you buy his FS roth package, you get some roth crosses that he hasn't had for sale for some years.
Outstanding. The size, petal stance, balance, and overall presentation are top notch. It’s going to be mind blowing on a mature plant, congrats! Sounds like it was a good cross for overall flower quality, it doesn’t always turn out that way!
I line the pot with sphagnum moss. For that size basket, I use 12-18 mm Orchiata bark for most of the pot and top it up with 9-12 mm bark. They grow in a humid greenhouse so they don't dry out too fast.
Thanks David. I had read a reference to aquatic baskets some time ago so i got a bunch from WA and gave some a try. Initial trials were too dry so I reduced media size by one grade and still seemed the same but I'll give the sphag lining a try. Thanks for the advice.