Paphiopedilum niveum

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thanks for the remarks !
some details
-plant grows in Orchiata, pumice, charcoal in plastic basket of about 30cm, side holes covered with sphagnum
-1m under plastic shade , like Cattleyas
-gets some rain water, otherwise on sunny days 1-2min overhead well water
-fertilizer close to K-Lite weekly or bi-weekly 50ppm N , sometimes sea weed/kelp.
Werner, do you ever have any issues with crown rot when you water overhead, or are these Paphs immune from crown rot? I have mostly Phrags, not Paphs, and have had issues with that.
sometimes , but not with Phrags
my shade house is too big for a different watering technique
we get a monsun climate, the plants get really soaked in the rainy season
professional breeder protect their plants with dense plasic foil under the shade, good and bad
I dont do it , so part of the rain goes through the shade plastic
why? because the plants enjoy the pure water after the well water with about 300 microSiemens

if necessary I will use a pesticide and/or remove the plant

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