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Karajan Ring cycle and/or Mozart symphonies?

Well, of Karajan's Ring I've only got Rheingold and Walküre (I guess, I, at the time I got them, had a foolhearted Idea of somewhat limiting myself to the two of them, because of the singers in the remainig two...albeit, now I regret not having HvK's take on them...but on the other hand, I think, I have Ring cycles to last my remaining life)....

Concerning Mozart, I can only wholeheartedly acquiesce to what someone said of Clara Haskil: "Mozart was her joy of joys"!
Karajan, though, would not - at least what pertains Mozart's symphonies - be the first to spring to my mind. I guess, the top of my Olymp would in that respect be inhabited by the following three giants: Walter, Szell, Klemperer. Though with frequent visits from the likes of Britten, Krips (middle symphonies with the Concertgebouw), Peter Maag (LSO), Colin Davis (Dresden), Fricsay, Vegh, and so forth. Böhm might pop his head through the door opening once in a while.

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