Paphiopedilum Eency Weency

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Loving it! This turned out so nicely, and two of my favorite mini species involved.

I probably wouldn't have purchased one of these because of the album version of fowliei being used, and my assumption that it would suppress the coloration. However, seeing the outcome, that doesn't appear to be the case at all! It's hard to imagine the cross being any more colorful than this.
They had pics on their website showing similar coloring. I agree the result is surprising given the album form of fowliei is used. This is its second blooming. The first time it bloomed for me the petals were not so nicely presented.
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The album form of most species tends to be recessive when used as a parent. So the outcome of this cross would be as expected. The ‘wild form’ of the particular gene that mutated to give the album would override the album form and allow colour to be produced.
You could produce album forms by selfing or sibbing these plants.
I am sorry everyone, I don't see what you guys are seeing. I love the color, I love the stance of all the segments however I am not particularly happy with the petal width. Add a half centimeter in petal width and I will climb on board.
It seems like a good sized flower for a compact plant.
I have one of these! It’s never bloomed for me though.. any tips? It’s still pretty small…
Just normal Paph culture—indoors under lights with air movement and a temperature drop at night. It grew for more than two years and formed multiple growths before it decided to bloom.
my orchids ltd eency ended up a lot less colorful compared to yours. it was almost white and wine after a week or two. i love seeing the variations between plants from the same batch. thank you for posting!

here's mine a day or so after it fully opened:

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