Paph Yang-Ji Minxiong (concolor x Lippewunder)

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Feb 8, 2020
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KwaZulu-Natal, RSA
Hi again

I thought I would share these photo's for interest sake. I originally purchased the plant unflowered because of the striking spotting under the leaves. When it spiked, this spotting was even carried through to the flower bract.

When the flower opened, I would best describe the flower as a mid-sized complex, strong yellow colour, however it was strongly cupped when it initially opened and then did flatten off somewhat. What was unusual was that the synsepal had developed into 2 distinct sepals (you can see some brownish water damage to the sepal on the lower-left of the flower).

Paph Yang-Ji Minxiong 1 2022.jpg Paph Yang-Ji Minxiong 4 2022.jpg

I'm a little if-ish about the flower. I had hoped that concolor would have softened the dominance that Lippewunder has in its progeny.