Paph. tigrinum 'Dana'

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Gorgeous Tiger, John. I love the markings on the flower.
If I ever manage to get my little greedy hands on one, I'll
know what to do. Those pink petal paddles are really
Thank you everyone!

Yes, it's got two leads now. WooHoo!

It's in a location that doesn't happen to get shaded by the shade cloth. So, it gets some shad until early afternoon, then it's in full sun (underneath two laters of greenhouse plastic, which must cut out at least a little bit of light. However, it's VERY bright where this plant has been growing.

Yup. It's in a 6" plastic, basket or net pot.

Yes. The flower is fully open now. The dorsal sepal is not as wide and round as in past bloomings. But, I did repot it when the bud was just emerging from the leaves; so, perhaps that affected the development of the dorsal growth?

I did not know this species grows on trees in situ. Huh? Cool! So, it seems that through trial and error, I managed to figure out that growing it like an epiphyte is what it really likes/needs. 'Glad I didn't kill it in the process of learning what to do. It's really happy now; so, I'm looking forward to it finally being able to clump and producing more than one flower at a time in future years.

I use 1/2 filtered horticultural grade perlite (no dust) and 1/2 small CHC. I'm guessing in a regular pot, not a basket, this species would also like s/h. 'Worth a try.......if you have an extra piece to risk.

Thanks again everyone.

Thank a lot for your advices
Interesting culture John. Here are my two plants. Both the same age but the one on the left has out done the other. Smallish pots, open mix but I never let them dry. Still single growths without any rot issues so far.
Nice Flowers, I found the same thing with tigrinums. I grow it beside my healthy Dendrobium nobile hybrid. In nature it is found growing beside Dendrobium nobile. It gets sprayed every morning as it get bone dry daily with a fan blowing all the time. Mix is just medium bark and some perlite in a small pot with a mesh bottom.
Great flower. Very worthwhile growing tips. I have been avoiding the purchase of this species because of the price and the reported difficulty of growing it. I think now I will give it a try.

One of the most beautiful Paphs and yours is a particularly nice clone! Thank you for the useful culture information. I've had a smaller one for about a year and it's my fastest growing Paph., along with delenatii. I let it dry out before watering as well, after reading that it grows as an epiphyte.
This is interesting. I wonder if where John lives (Canada) and where Rick lives (Texas) has anything to do with why they need to grow them so differently...
Dot, I'd think that my plant gets a higher incidence of cool nights. Perhaps they don't like too much cool and damp; but, warm and damp is okay?

Yes!. Mine is outside at the moment (under cover) The humidity is close to 100% because it's our ''rainy season'' but the roots are dry. Average night temps are 7C. During the summer it was watered pretty much every day.

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