Paph. Stonei

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Feb 1, 2019
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Jumping the gun a bit here, but the lighting today was great and I’m so excited I decided to post even though it isn’t fully open. Picked up this plant a few years ago from Paph Paradise, the cross is unknown, but I believe it came through Hawaii. Three blooms and a fourth nub that I don’t think will develop. First time I’ve bloomed this species. I’ll post an update once they are all open.14B5A27C-3C78-41EC-9988-0851C64A6F2A.jpegCC526BB6-CC82-453B-A450-34A1D3A8A1F4.jpeg31B1E44E-2ADD-430C-A899-0CC516AF7234.jpeg401CC601-6FE9-41CF-8B86-EE693CB3E01D.jpeg
Really beautiful! This one has a very nice pouch and dorsal. I have several clones of stonei now (it is my favourite Paph species), I have two which are flowering size and I really hope at least one of them flowers next year.
Update with all flowers open. The first flower is doing its best gigantifolium impression! DS is 4.4 cm, and it even looks beautiful when viewed from above. This grows on a south facing window along with my roths and philly. Really happy with this one!
Pictures are really nice. Did you use SLR camera? Yesterday I saw a flower spike on my stonei! :)
Thanks, these were taken with an iPhone, using the normal settings and no image manipulation. Congrats on your spike, hopefully it moves quickly. I’ve heard stonei can take up to a year to bloom once you see a sheath. This one took ~4 months.

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