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Sep 18, 2014
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Delavan, WI, USA
My Paph spicerianum (very 1st slipper) is opening. The 1st pic is from this morning and the 2nd is from this afternoon. I'm excited! :D

[/url]Paph spicerianum by SlipperNewbie, on Flickr[/IMG]

Paph spicerianum by SlipperNewbie, on Flickr didn't load even though the links are attached any ideas?
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Good example of this pretty species. Lots of growths look's like a healthy plant too.

When this plant gets going you can have a huge clump in a pot with several flowers open at a time.
I count 4 previous spikes. How many years before you get multiple growths?

One more question (for now).... I've been reading about the care (and quality to look for when buying) of Paphs. I came across the fact that you don't want the orchid to be wobbly or loose. Mine is, and I suspect it probably happened during shipping. Is there something I can/should do now, or is it best to wait until it's finished blooming?

Thanks everyone! :)
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Nice flower! If it wobbles a little, you could hand-place pieces of media around the base. If you could get a stake in the pot without disturbing things you could also tie it to the stem to stabilize it