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Feb 11, 2008
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New Hampshire
Paph. Sierra Scene (Paph. Sierra Skyline 'Nice' x Paph. S. Gratrix 'Make My Day') in bud. This was originally one of Nick Tannaci's crosses, but I purchased from Piping Rock in the fall of 2010.

This is the first brachy type I have bloomed out. Based on the photo, about how long will it be until it blooms? I'm very excited to see this one and to finally have a blooming brachy in my collection.

Sorry for the quality. I hate my phone's camera...:mad:


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EDIT: I would like to add that apparently my brain got left on my pillow when I woke up and later published this thread. I DO indeed have brachy hybrids in my collection, and even a nice Paph. concolor I got from Lee Soule (AOS judge). I'm publicly stating that I had a complete memory lapse.

But then again, when you have a large, awesome collection of plants, sometimes you forget! J/K :evil: